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Documents for use in the United Arab Emirates require legalisation by the Consular Section of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Legalisation

of bills of sale is obtained through the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.

The documents must first be certified by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Address of the Consular Section 48 Princes Gate

London, SW7 2QA

Tel: 020 7589 1281

Fax: 020 7584 0989

Opening hours 9.30am to 12.00pm
Fee £200 - Certificate of Registration or Incorporation

£200 - Memorandum & Articles of Association

£200 - Company Record of Achievements

£200 - Certificate of Good Standing

If any of the above documents are accompanied by an Agency Agreement then £20

£200 - Power of Attorney for the purpose of opening a company branch

£200 - Agency Agreement or Company Contract

£200 - an Assignment or an Authorization for registering Trade Marks and Patents

£20 - General Power of Attorney

£20 - Court and Legal Documents

£20 - Private Power of Attorney

£20 - all other documents

Time Expected 24-48 hours
Remarks Foreign Office + Consulate

UAE Embassy will not legalise foreign documents, i.e. English documents only

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