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Agents for service of Legal process

After filing of the petition in Court cases the next step is to deliver the petition and summaries to the defendant. This is called service of process.

Most legal agreements contain provisions relating to the service of notices and other documents.

Imison & Co acts as agents for service of legal process by parties to international agreements. Contracts governed by English Law that are made by overseas parties are advised to appoint an agent for service of legal process in order to avoid complications related with services outside the jurisdiction. Service of process must be carried out in strict accordance with the rules of the Court having jurisdiction over the matter.

The most common problem is when the provisions contain the address which is inappropriate because the business address of one of the parties is overseas or if the address is likely to change or where there are concerns that correspondence which is received at the address will not quickly reach the proper recipient. In these situations Imison & Co can act for your company as an agent for service of legal process.

Imison & Co as agents for service of process ensure that each service of process is properly received and forwarded to the appropriate party(ies) in a timely manner.

We act as agents for service of process for overseas banks and financial institutions and shipping companies within the UK, on all transactions governed by English Law which they enter into.

We are pleased to act either for a particular transaction or on an annual basis.