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Wills for your assets in Turkey (“Turkish Wills”)

A Turkish Will is the only way one can have a say on how you would like your estate in Turkey to be distributed after you are gone. However, this can only be achieved if a Turkish Will has been drafted in a form prescribed by the Turkish inheritance law, taking into consideration all of your personal and financial circumstances.

  • Turkish Inheritance Law and Turkish Probate

All jurisdictions dictate, to varying extents, how one’s estate is to be wound up. Turkey is not an exception. You may have already heard of the provisions of the Turkish inheritance law reserved or protected shares of certain heirs.

On the other hand, Turkish inheritance law will allow you, only subject to certain restrictions, to freely decide to whom you would like leave your estate and in what proportion.

  • Why make a Turkish Will

If you die intestate, your estate will be wound up according to the rules of intestacy. These can quite often be very complicated. By making a Turkish will you may prevent your successors losing time and money and to suffer unnecessarily due to complications that may arise during the winding up of your estate.

Dying intestate can have even more serious implications. For example, if you are not married, Turkish inheritance law will not automatically entitle your life partner to your estate. Therefore, your partner may end up inheriting nothing from your estate if you die without a Turkish Will.

On the other hand, a Turkish Will will enable you to make specific arrangements concerning your estate. For example, you can create a life interest in your property or impose certain duties on the people who are to inherit your estate, or even make conditional gifts.

If you make a Will you will be able to appoint an executor who will be able to wind up your estate more efficiently.       

  • Buying Turkish Property and Turkish Wills

As soon as you enter into a contractual relationship, written or otherwise, you will have rights and obligations in relation to that contract, which are capable of being transferred to third parties.

Therefore, it would be very wise to determine by way of a Turkish Will how such rights and obligations pass to one’s heirs as soon as you enter into a contract when buying property in Turkey.

  • Why make a Turkish Will in the UK

It is possible to make a perfectly valid will for your assets in Turkey without having to travel to Turkey. Our firm, which is renowned for drafting Wills for assets located overseas, can draft your Will for your Turkish assets. We will take into account your English will if you have one. We will complete all formalities which are observed by the Turkish authorities.
We will draft your Will both in Turkish and English to enable you to make sure your wishes are accurately reflected.

  • How much preparing a Turkish Will in the UK should cost

The cost of drafting a valid Turkish Will will depend on the complexity of your will and your personal or financial circumstances. In any case, our prices are competitive. As we will be doing all the notarial and legal work required under one roof, you will avoid incurring the cost of flight tickets as well  separate lawyer’s, interpreter’s or notary’s fees.

Considering it as “insurance”, a Turkish Will is a very low cost cover for the complications that could occur if one died without a Turkish will.

  • Additional services we offer in relation to Turkish Wills

In addition to our Turkish Will drafting service, we offer other services which are either complementary to or a part of this service.

We can for a reasonable charge, review your existing Wills, draft agreements between the testator and legal heir(s) or any other persons, retain a copy of your Turkish Will in the Notary’s Protocol.


For further information on Turkish Will and a no obligation initial interview please contact our Turkish Law department.


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